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University College “Qiriazi”, represented by its President Prof. Assoc. Dr. Gjoke Uldedaj, located at Koder Kamëz, Tirana, Albania and Western Caspian University represented by its President – Prof. Hussein Baghirov located at 27 Istiglaliyyat str, Baku considering their common interest in promoting the mutual cooperation in the area of education and research wish to expand […]

Training course with Hospitality and Tourism students on “Generating business ideas and writing a business plan”.

On January 20, 2020 the first year students of Hospitality and Tourism did training course on “Generating business ideas and writing a business plan” The training course was conducted by the lecturer of the Faculty of Economics, MSc. Leons Hasani near DILO Hotel. During this training students are introduced not only to the concept of […]

Laboratory and Scientific Activity organized by the Department of Food Technology and Hospitality.

The Department of Food Technology & Hospitality, especially with the Food Technology Study Program is the first of its kind in a private and public university that is fully coherent with the demand trends in this field and responds to the harmonized development of agriculture, livestock. and Food Industry in our country. This study program […]

Food Technology students first and second year visited the Coca Cola Ltd factory.

They looked closely at the entire product line and some of the in-depth analysis they performed in the lab to ensure the quality and food safety of the products they manufactured and their distribution.

Professor of Qiriazi University, Msc. Leons Hasani participated in the 1-week training held in Macedonia, Serbia and BiH by IDC Serbia.

A project supported and funded by the European Union, focusing on the recognition of Western Balkan immigration, the level of smuggling and their impact on the region’s economy. Participants from Albania, Montenegro, Northern Macedonia, Serbia and BiH participated in this training.

Qiriazi University students meet journalist and writer Enkel Demi (Tom Kuka) on his novel “Stones of Loneliness”.

The type of literature the author delivers and his inspiration were discussed. The myths and legends to which he is referenced as well as numerous questions were asked by students. This activity is in the rough of the meetings organized by the Qiriazi Literary Club.

Open Lecture with Dr. Sandy Shugart

Qiriazi University invites all students and other interested parties to participate in the open lecture with Dr. Sandy Shugart, President and CEO of Valencia College, which will be held on Friday, November 1, 2019 at 11:00 am at Qiriazi University. Biography Dr. Sanford “Sandy” Shugart Dr. Sanford “Sandy” Shugart has served since 2000 as the […]

The opening ceremony of the academic year 2019-2020.

On Monday, 14.10. 2019 09:30 the opening ceremony of the Academic Year 2019 – 2020 will take place at Qiriazi University College.

Important notice for the students of Professional study program Hospitality and Tourism.

Qiriazi University in function to the students of Hospitality and Tourism, adds another didactic base, Hotel Dilo. This 4-star standard hotel, located on the main street near Zogu i Zi Tirana, besides the basic function will serve as part of the didactic’s and professional practice of Qiriazi University students, offering a new standard and system […]

Scholarships for Master programs in Italy for the students of the Faculty of Law and Economics.

Thanks to the agreement which was finalized in April 2019, with IPE – Instituto Richerche ed Attivita Educativa. “Qiriazi” University offers free scholarships in the Master’s program for students of the Faculty of Law and Economics in Italy. This 5000 Euro scholarship is only awarded to the students of these two faculties with the only […]

Seasonal jobs for Qiriazi University students.

Thanks to the cooperation agreement that Qiriazi University College has with the Italian cultural project, it makes possible the seasonal employment in Italy of students who wish to be part of this project. This was the first year that a group of our students participated in this project for the first time. Participation in this […]

New Study Program, Hospitality and Tourism.

The 2 year Professional Studies Program in Hospitality and Tourism is the first of its kind in our Higher Education System. Through this study program we aim to prepare a new generation of Hotel and Tourism professionals, providing quality preparation, a collaborative culture, friendly environment, numerous activities and a guaranteed job market. Teaching and learning […]

Two days training by Qiriazi University College Professors !

On the 28th and 29th of June 2019 at Qiriazi University College was held the following topics: “The Challenges of the 21st Century Economy” Prof. Dr. Agim Binaj “The Justice System in the Republic of Albania” Neritan Alibali “The Importance of Information Technology in the Labor Market” Prof. Dr. Pashk Lekaj “Food products and their […]

Open Seminar with subject: Food Microbiology.

On 05 June 2019 at 11:20 an open seminar is organized with the students of Food Technology led by Prof. Dr Abdyl Sinani and Dr Blerta Turani. Course title: Food Microbiology

Qiriazi Legal Clinic

Proposed by the Department of Public Law and Civil Law and Business -Law no. 80/2015 “On Higher Education and Scientific Research in the Republic of Albania”, Article 103, paragraph 1; – Statute of the University College “Qiriazi”, Article 43, point 1.2; DEAN after receiving Senate Approval, DECIDED: To approve the Establishment of Legal Clinic. The […]

Open lecture, with Judge Florjan Kalaja.

Qiriazi University College in collaboration with Judge Florjan Kalaja Organizes an Open Lecture on “Albanian Civil Law in the Reform of the Justice System”, on Wednesday, May 29, 2019 11:30 am. Issues such as: – 90th Anniversary of the First Albanian Civil Code; – Jurisprudence of the Court of Dictation; – Constitutionalization of the Civil […]

Qiriazi Literature Club

Today, at the Qiriazi University Library, a meeting was held with the writer Flogerta Krypi, which also marked the founding of the “Qiriazi” Literature Club as a forum where students will have the opportunity to discuss books by foreign and domestic authors with the aim of turning it into a tradition.

5th International Conference.

Photo during the 5th International Conference on the Problems and Challenges of Transforming Albanian Society to European Union Standards. This conference was organized by: Albanian University, Agricultural University of Tirana, La Sapienza University and Qiriazi University.

Qiriazi Robotics Club

Qiriazi Robotics Club Qiriazi Robotics Club  is a club in which not only Information Technology students but also other Qiriazi University College students who share the same passion for electronics / robotics can participate. This club aims to train students in the creation and implementation of various projects in the field of electronics. Events Qiriazi […]

25th Anniversary of the Association – Albanian – American Women’s Organization (AAWO).

On October 26 2018, the 25th anniversary of the Albanian – American Women’s Organization (AAWO) was celebrated in New York. This Association was baptized in the name of two Albanian icons, the Qiriazi sisters. Proud of this name is Aureola of Qiriazi University. US Congressman Mr. Eliot Engel, Member of the New York City Council […]

Open Lecture with Prof.Scott Sorrell.

Qiriazi University College organized an open lecture with Prof. Scott Sorrell of California State University.  

Opus Dei- University College di Merito IPE Poggiolevante in Bari official visit to University College “Qiriazi”

Opus Dei- University College di Merito IPE Poggiolevante in Bari official visit to University College “Qiriazi” At the premises of Qiriazi University College, a meeting was held with representatives of the Opus Dei World Organization. Opus Dei comes to Albania for the first time and has chosen the University College “Qiriazi” to hold the first […]

Cooperation agreement with Burgenland University in Austria for the creation of joint study program, MSc International Business.

Qiriazi University held meetings with senior executives at Burgenland Austria University, concretizing the collaborative relationship with the creation of a Joint Study Program, MSc International Business, thereby giving students the opportunity to exchange studies and obtain a double degree and no fees in semester study in Austria and vice versa. The agreement also consists in […]

American Professor of Philosophy Timothy Mosteller, California Baptist University delivered a lecture at Qiriazi University.

  Qiriazi University College students participated in an open lecture class delivered by American Professor Dr. Tim Mosteller. The theme developed was “Free Market and Human Values: A Philosophical Exploration”

Greeting speech of Prof. Gjoke Uldedaj, President of the University College “Qiriazi” at the Scientific Symposium on “Her Ethics and Role in Scientific Research”, organized by the Academy of Sciences in collaboration with the University College “Qiriazi”

Dear organizers and participants. It is my great pleasure to welcome you to this Scientific Symposium on behalf of Qiriazi University College, as co-organizer of this activity. Today’s symposium, in my estimation is of particular importance, both for the issues it addresses and for the moment in which it is realized. The development of ethics […]